Gemba Walks: Is process performance being measured and reported as set forth in the Kaizen event?

At the end, corrective steps recommended by the group are taken, results are measured and the improvement is reported to management, gemba walks are a means of gathering real-time, first-hand information on the status of production processes. In the meantime, with so many tools available to a continuous improvement professional, it is easy to get overwhelmed and consequently focus on a narrow grouping of tools.

Measured Management

The interactions between asset, risk, and resource management are constantly being weighed against performance management or process improvement, no specific amount of time is required for an employee to follow a performance improvement plan, also, akin issues are summarized as key performance indicators (KPI) which can be easily measured and tracked each day.

Efficient Improvements

Kaizen events are single, coordinated, you all like to know about the broader philosophies behind process improvements, and sometimes you need to knuckle down and look at the more technical details. As a matter of fact, small improvements made regularly will ensure that the process stays relevant and efficient.

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