Hoshin Kanri: Can lean and six sigma be blended with other disciplines?

Hoshin kanri, or policy deployment, is a comprehensive quality and financial management system perfectly adapted to the management of modern, decentralized decision-making processes.


Aim to clarify a vision taking a long-term approach and work to establish connection with the whole organization let plans be communicated and allow interaction and iterations.


A bottleneck (or constraint) in a supply chain means the resource that requires the longest time in operations of the supply chain for certain demand. Done properly, the approach results in organization-wide alignment about what matters and a more focused approach for realizing results.


It is a systems approach to the management of change in critical business processes. The process can powerfully scale from an individual, to teams to executive boards. While strategy formulation is traditionally driven by well devised and tested methods, it is widely accepted that there is lack of definitive method for strategy implementation.


An institutional analysis of supply chain innovations in global marketing channels.


Without hoshin, your organization strengths are left unsupported and its lean improvement work directionless. Rushing to create a visual management system will result in visual clutter that does nothing to help workers or managers improve the way work is done. These tasks may seem daunting for a manufacturer at the start of an improvement program, but there are many concrete steps that can be taken to shift the culture at any company.


Policy deployment, or hoshin kanri, is more than just a strategic planning system. It is the strategic means of control that allows your organization to make quick turns, changes, and adjustments before you become trapped in a crisis. The name suggests how hoshin planning aligns your organization toward accomplishing a single goal. But it also emphasizes the deployment of the strategy and the action plans for the actualization of objectives.


organizations that use hoshin kanri are able to align objectives throughout all levels of the organization. A new understanding of hoshin kanri as a grand experimental design implemented through a system of team agreements. Hoshin kanri, on the other hand, is strong as a management system for the deployment and execution of purpose as short-term actions.

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