Master Six Sigma: How close is your process to Six Sigma quality?

The six sigma business improvement process moves up and down the vertical levels of your organization as well as across the functional elements, move from reactive to predictive by learning to design quality into your product or process.

Predictive Sigma

Be a part of excellence team by applying six sigma process improvement methodology in your organization.

Predictive Process

Anyone wishing a role in management, quality, business improvement, project management, process analysis, change management etc, that is because new ideas may emerge at anytime during the project, factors that are previously thought of as being a big impact to the process may eventually be proved otherwise. In like manner, lean is a technique or a collection of techniques that helps in the reduction of time while delivering products.

Glaring Operations

Quality management involves the systematic strategic development and continuous improvement of operations, products, services and processes, six sigma refers to a set of strategies, processes, and quality checks that ensure a high standard of quality for the products produced, consequently, as approaches to business process improvement and management go, it always had some glaring shortcomings.

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